My Real Life Story

Life can be quite daunting when you’re 16…

About Me...

I’m a Scriptwriter/Actress/Songwriter and Singer from Dublin. At the age of 34 and having lived in London for more than ten years.

I almost achieved my music dream and bagged myself a record deal with a major label. It didn’t work out.

I went back to my other love;  acting and script writing.

Sometime later I decided to write my wild life story into a  comedy drama TV series.

With the help of a fellow scriptwriter friend I’ve now written a 7 part series about my adventures.

Who said you can’t teach an old girl new tricks?

By the way,  my real name is Susan.

Oh!  And contrary to popular belief… I do NOT drive a Rolls Royce!

photo of me

Blog - The Story

  • Life can be quite daunting when you’re just 16…
  • Your parents marriage falls apart….
  • Your mother announces she’s starting work as a secret BDSM Fetish Dominatrix to earn a living… And you become a popular mother-daughter act!
  • You soon leave school and run off to London…
  • 30 years later you save your 68 year old Auntie from bankruptcy and set up the same BDSM business but now as a duo!
  • Every cloud has a silver lining and then some….
  • Now being written as a TV series comedy drama.

In the beginning…

They say we are all a product of our parents. Or at least… almost… Can you imagine? The year is 1987 growing up in Catholic Ireland, in Dublin

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